ALAMO, the most slimming ankle boot

As you know, one of the values ​​that most represent us and that we respect most when designing is comfort. The inside of the wedge of our winter ankle boots is made of cork, which gives it a lot of lightness and is very comfortable to wear. time to walk

As you know, one of the best things about our winter boots and ankle boots is that THEY CAN GET WET!!! We have prepared your wedges so that water is not a problem and rainy days do not scare you.

Of course the boot with elastic suede also retains flexibility because they are also hand-sewn by our artisans in Spain.

This wedge boot is available in 2 colors: The boot in taupe and the boot in black.

And it is also available in 2 heights: a platform boot with a total of 6.5 cm and a high wedge boot with a total of 10.5 cm.