The personality of Alhamas

There are many things that inspire us around us, although the ones that best define us are essentially these three:






Our product was born as a solution to a demand that farmers generated. A simple product that could be made at home in an artisanal way, with humble raw materials that arose from the work in the field that they themselves did.

Alapargatas are the footwear that preserves the most traditional processes and continues to preserve them just as on the first day, although also adapting them to the present. Continuing to make espadrilles as it was done before is part of our essence, and you might wonder how we do it, well, we'll tell you:

Sole | Ornaments | Hand sewn | Settings

The sole

The sole or floor (as we call it in the footwear world) preserves part of the artisanal process.

Jute is a natural raw material that we must harvest before starting to manufacture the sole.

The decorations

The decorations that our Alhamas carry such as flowers, pompoms... are made manually by our artisans in Spain. They are meticulous and delicate processes since they are small pieces made with fine materials, but with great care they always achieve results that make our Alhamas shine That's good.

The hand sewn

The hand sewing or remonte (as we call it in Cervera), is the most characteristic touch of our Alhamas, and the process preserves 100% of its essence and that we carry out in La Rioja.

The 100 stitches that make up our espadrilles continue to use the same tools that our grandparents used: the needle and the slipper.

The adjustment

The process by which the patterns of an espadrille are created is called adjustment. On the last and with very delicate hands we create the base pattern with the shape of the model we want to design.


Value the beauty of our towns, specifically ours Cervera del Río Alhama. Get lost in its streets, Calle Real, Plaza de San Gil, the Nisuelas neighborhood, El Rollo, Plaza de los Arboles, the climb to the Castle...