Cervera del Río Alhama is a small town located on the banks of the Alhama River, belonging to an area declared a biosphere reserve by UNESCO due to the conservation of biological and cultural biodiversity and economic and social development through the relationship with nature. At the same time, our town also keeps another small treasure, and that is that Cervera is the birthplace of the espadrille.



From the need to wear footwear that protected from the sun and heat in the countryside, espadrilles were born, those to which Lurdes Pomar, born in our town, has dedicated her entire life and which today she wants to share from Cervera del Río Alhama , where the name ALHAMAS arises.

Lurdes is charismatic, feminine, creative, enterprising, restless and family, where her roots in the espadrille come from, indirectly through her grandparents, her father and her uncles who have dedicated their entire lives to cultivating the land and more directly to through their grandmothers, their mother and their aunts dedicating their daily lives to the craft of hand-sewing this footwear.

Lurdes encompasses all the values ​​that ALHAMAS represents. Artisan, feminine, natural and sustainable. He is lucky enough to source products from the family garden and run a company where everything is reused and nothing is thrown away.

A woman who, fundamentally, is the mother of her three daughters and who, as an anecdote about the name of the brand, says:

“Each of my daughters is an A from Alhamas.”

In his kitchen-workshop he meets the rest of the team, enthusiasts of what we do!



Design is her passion and it reflects it in each espadrille. It selects the best materials and is also in charge of the entire creation process, providing trend and femininity. Passionate about photography, she doesn't miss a single detail, and as an unconditional fan of Harry Potter, she will seek to enchant you with her magic!



Consistency, dedication and professionalism define her. He is in charge of communication and digital marketing regardless of the time or day. She is the guardian of the image and essence of the brand. A great strategist of the digital world. Passionate about getaways and good times with friends.



All the small details bear his stamp. Great support to the creation and development area, for her, it is always a good time to record a reel, and if in a making of... get ready! Because he doesn't miss one. Enthusiastic, fun and, above all, a lover of her people and her roots. He always finds a good excuse to come home.

"Serene and orderly"


Orderly, serene and very responsible. Organize the chaos of all the company documents and also solve your doubts when choosing your ALHAMAS. Lover of good times with her family and always willing to share a walk or bike ride through her land.



Established designer. He is in charge of the technique and giving the collection that chic and trendy touch that characterizes it. A tireless thinker, who brings his philosophy to each design. And if you're careless, he challenges you to a game of ping-pong!



A great discovery as a member of the team although he has always been part of our family. Attentive, observant and delicate, although an earthquake in all its versions that gives us a shot of energy in our daily lives. Pending to resolve your doubts and for your Alhamas to reach you..



Numbers girl, she doesn't miss a cent. When something worries him, he is constant and does not give up and prepare yourself because "that something" has to do with you... You can't escape!!!!



He was born to tell the world (and the occasional store...) that he is passionate about espadrilles and if they are Alhamas, he dies for them...what are we going to tell you. Sweet by nature, fighter and constant like no one else. Ana, a real woman from Alicante with the heart of a woman from Rioja.



Cerverana and Santa Ana, responsible for all your orders arriving so beautifully at home. Constant and hard-working, she never gives up and is always willing to do something more. And if you want a good plan in Cervera, Elena will be there.



One of our favorite twins. You will know her because she is one of the visible faces of Alhamas but she is also a crack at numbers and an Excel geek. Young, enthusiastic and always willing to improve herself and create her own challenges. This new generation is going strong!



Our favorite melli too. We assume that she is familiar to you because she is also our visible face. Also geeky like his sister, but about design, art and well-made websites. Sometimes he doesn't speak... but suddenly, he surprises you and leaves you silent.



The youngest of the team and the last to join our family, but from day one he has demonstrated his unparalleled commitment and dedication. Tireless worker, always willing to stay a little longer to make sure everything is in its place

And like every family, we have our patriarch, unconditional daily support with a touch of humor in life, someone from whom you don't take away the orange worms and coffee, because otherwise... get ready!