Collection: Lace-up bridal espadrilles

Our bridal espadrilles with ribbons are super comfortable! Handcrafted artisanal espadrilles sewn by hand in La Rioja by our skilled artisans, sustainable bridal espadrilles made with recycled, natural, organic materials, and a selection of the best leathers certified by the "Leather Working Group." Comfortable bridal espadrilles with ribbons thanks to the padded insole that covers the entire sole. Bridal espadrilles with ribbons come in various heights, 10 cm and 7 cm, that you can wear all day long. They have a rural chic, timeless, special, unique, and original touch.

In bridal espadrilles with ribbons, you'll find high wedge bridal espadrilles with ribbons and mid-wedge bridal espadrilles with ribbons, and of course, we have accessories like cotton and tulle ribbons for you to mix and match and give a distinctive touch to your Alhamas espadrilles, allowing you to wear them during your most special day, opting for original, handmade, and comfortable espadrilles.


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