Part of our philosophy is sustainability and at Alhamas we like that there are positive effects at each stage of production.

Espadrilles that are environmentally friendly and 100% made in Spain. Do you want to know what Alhamas does to be a sustainable product?


The base is made of 100% natural braided jute fiber and its base contains 30% recycled rubber rubber along with dry cane cereal fibers.

In the wedge models we use water-based adhesives to avoid highly contaminating glues.


All our leathers are certified by the Working Leather Group. This is an environmental management protocol for the leather manufacturing industry, evaluating whether our leather suppliers promote sustainable environmental business practices within this industry.


When choosing our fabrics, without losing beauty and design, we always try to choose materials with more than 40% recycled material such as polyester, nylon, cotton... If they do not contain recycled materials One of our requirements is that it be made of 100% natural materials such as cotton, jute, linen...

Metal decorations

Some of the details that decorate our Alhamas have metallic finishes, specifically “Free Nickel”, which is an ideal metallic coating to replace electrolytic nickel plating and is therefore free of metals.

Lining and insole

For both the lining and the insoles we use a state-of-the-art microfiber, with the feel and touch of natural leather, 100% breathable, protecting from sweating thanks to its moisture absorption and elimination quality.

cotton bag

To separate and protect our Alhamas inside the box and during shipping, we have placed a 100% organic cotton fabric bag, which you can give a second use to when you want to take your espadrilles on a trip or to store any of your personal items in the best way.

seed paper

Although we don't want to reveal all the contents of our box, inside you will receive a surprise made with seed paper. It is a paper made by hand with cotton fibers, using the traditional method for refining the fibers.

100% recycled paper

Inside our Alhamas we have placed two small balls of 100% recycled paper, since that area, the toe, is the most delicate area of ​​the espadrille. This paper keeps your Alhamas in perfect condition, maintaining its shape and avoiding humidity.

Reusable packaging

We have decided to use a single smaller piece of cardboard that better adapts to our product, thus avoiding excess material. The box is made of 100% recycled cardboard, without any type of adhesive and the inks that decorate it are water-based inks. We decorate it for you so that you can give it a second life, storing your Alhamas or your personal objects with a rural chic touch.

Biodegradable bags

When you receive your Alhamas they will arrive in a biodegradable bag. This plastic has the ability to decompose thanks to the organic materials that make it up. The decomposition process is carried out through the enzymatic activity of the microorganisms in the environment. Once decomposed, we can find the product in its initial state, that is, in water, carbon dioxide and methane format.